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The Altarpieces

The church's old altarpiece depicted the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Christ. The altarpiece was acquired for the church in the year 1633. It is not known who donated it, and it is assumed that the old altarpiece consisted of statues and paintings.

A total of 8 wooden sculptures have been preserved from Siuntio Church, currently held at the Finnish National Museum. The only sculpture that belonged to this series is the crucifix next to the altarpiece. These sculptures belonged to the altarpiece.

In 1730, Baron Carl Henrik Wrangel, the owner of Suitia Manor, expressed a desire to purchase a new altarpiece for the church. Wrangel commissioned a new painting from the artist Pasch and paid half of the painting's price in advance. However, the church had to wait for a new altarpiece for a long time because the painting was destroyed in a fire that broke out at Pasch's studio.

The old altarpiece was moved to the wooden church, used Finnish-speaking services, when the church received a new altarpiece in 1773.

The New Altarpiece

In the year 1773, the church received a new altarpiece painted in Stockholm. The painting depicts Christ in Gethsemane and was donated by Baroness Reuterholm. The new altarpiece received gilded frames featuring the coats of arms of the Reuterholm and Gyllenstjerna families at the bottom. On the lower part of the painting, the inscription reads:

"This Altarpiece is for the adornment of Siuntio Stone Church, presented at the end of the year 1773 by the Right Honorable Baroness Reuterholm, born Baroness Gyllenstjerna, Lady of Suitia and Pickala, along with her noble sons, Barons Axel Christian and Gustaf Adolf Reuterholm. As a profound expression of reverence to God and a token of gratitude to the Siuntio Parish for the Family Grave Chapel generously provided, without charge, during the lifetime of their Blessed Lord and Husband, His Excellency, His Majesty's and the Realm's Council, the Right Honorable Baron Christian Reuterholm. The old Altarpiece has been renovated and placed in the Finnish wooden church."

Sculpture from the old altarpiece depicting St. Peter.
Sculpture from the old altarpiece depicting St. Peter.
Altarpiece donated by Baroness Reuterholm.
Altarpiece donated by Baroness Reuterholm. The all-seeing eye of God with the symbol of trinity on the frame.