The parishes of Sjundeå

Welcome! We are the Swedish-speaking ev.luth congregation of Sjundeå.

Sjundeå/Siuntio is a bilingual municipality with residents speaking Finnish and Swedish as their first language. Hence there are two ev.luth parishes in Sjundeå, the Swedish-speaking parish and the Finnish-speaking parish. We, the Swedish-sepaking parish, have about 1400 members.

Together these parishes form the Parish Union of Siuntio (Sjundeå kyrkliga samfällighet) which is a legal organ.

The Swedish-speaking parish of Sjundeå is part of the Borgå diocese and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland.

The current vicar of the parish is Tom Bergman.

Brief history

It´s not certain exactly when the parish of Sjundeå was founded but it is believed that it happened somehwere around 1460s when St. Peter´s church was erected. The parish was catholic until reformation of the church was carried out in the Kingdom of Sweden, which Finland was part of at the time. Nowadays we are an Evangelical-Lutheran parish.

In 1998 a decision was made to devide the parish of Sjundeå into two independent parishes based on the two official languages spoken in the municipality. Finally in 2000 the Swedish-speaking and the Finnish-speaking parishes were founded. Before this division there was only one parish of Sjundeå.