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Siuntio church contains 5 chandeliers. Four are located in the church hall, and one in the sacristy.

Krebs Chandelier

The chandelier was donated to the church in 1763 by Lieutenant Colonel Otto Mauritz Krebs, owner of Sjundby estate. The chandelier has 8x8 arms. The following text is engraved on the chandelier:

"In the year 1763, this chandelier was given to God for His glory and to adorn Siuntio church by Lieutenant Colonel Baron Otto Mauritz Krebs, born on August 10, 1623, in Ingria at the Obskova estate in Bura parish. He came to possess Sjundby estate in 1727 through marriage to Baroness Helena Adlercreutz, born in 1707. He passed away on January 10, 1756, and is buried in this church."

Myran's and Hollsten's Chandelier

In 1688, the stewards of Myran and Hollsten donated the chandelier to Sjundeå church as compensation for having built a burial vault under the central aisle of the church. The chandelier holds eight candles in two tiers.

The chandelier bears the inscription:

"Hindrick Bertilson from Hållsten

Hans Hindrickson from Myrans

Anno 1688"

Krebs' chandelier
Krebs' chandelier
Myrans' chandelier
Myrans' chandelier