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Welcome to St. Peter's Church in Siuntio/Sjundeå

St. Peter's Church, a majestic medieval stone church in Siuntio, Finland, has served as the heart of the town for over 560 years. Nowadays it is shared by the Swedish-speaking parish and the Finnish-speaking parish. Explore the rich history of this church on our website.

For inquiries about reservations or booking the church for events, please contact the parish office.

Siuntio, a bilingual municipality in Finland, boasts Finnish and Swedish as its equal official languages. Known as Siuntio in Finnish and Sjundeå in Swedish, this duality is reflected in its religious heart, St. Peter's Church. The church itself holds two official names: Siuntion Pyhän Pietarin kirkko in Finnish and Sjundeå S:t Petri kyrka in Swedish.

Opening hours

To ensure a fulfilling visit to St. Peter's Church, please contact our parish office in advance, especially if you plan to visit outside of mass times. This allows us to confirm if the church is available for your requested date and time, as it may be closed for private ceremonies. We look forward to welcoming you!

St. Peter's Church in spring with the flag of Finland flying in front of it.